Saturday, 3 January 2015

Elmo in 3D

A cuddly baby Elmo cake for
 Loe Zen who turns "1".
Elmo with fur piped from royal icing, 
sits on a 10 inch cake.

Carve 2 sets of 6 inch cakes to form the body and head.
And another 6 inch with 1 inch height, for the legs.

Insert 2 straws to support the board 
and a dowel to hold the head and body in place.

Fondant pieces: arms, eyes and nose.

Pipe the fur starting from bottom, 
take note of the direction of fur for the legs and arms.
The royal icing recipe (500g icing sugar) is mixed with a teaspoon of glycerin 
so that it crust just on the outside and remains soft inside.

Awww, how cute is that?
Sesame Street characters, most kids grew up with them.

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