Friday, 6 March 2015

Cat in the Dr. Seuss.

Cat in the Hat, by Dr. Seuss.
The popular children's book which was made into a movie.

Seen here is Cat's hat and the very scared Fish.

How to carve a fishbowl using a 6 inch cake.
Start with the rim of the bowl,
then work on the base,
then carve out a smooth round shape between rim and base. 

The hat, consisting of two parts.

Add two red strips at the bottom and in the middle of the white portion.
The red stripes are of uneven thickness through the length,
this gives an illusion of the hat being crooked.
Black lines will cover up the joints.

A wooden dowel inserted straight through the cake 
with a small board on top for the fishbowl.
The top of the hat should be leveled before applying fondant
if you want the fishbowl to be on stable ground.

A wobbly fishbowl...transport with care.

A cupcake to act as a candle holder.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Neuschwanstein Castle Cake

A customer requested for a castle cake.
Not just ANY castle cake, but
THE Neuschwanstein Castle cake, 
a REAL castle in Germany.

A beautiful castle rich in history.
I only did a part of the building.

The cutting, not really considered carving.

The triangle rooftop is smaller than the walls, unintentional.

All crumb coated with buttercream.
A ten-inch cake to serve as a base for the building to sit on.
No dowels were used.

A concave carved last minute which I think 
would better support the thinner tower.

There are no manuals, so you have to think things through
as you go along, this can result in going back and forth, 
and jumping from one small part to another before coming back
 so you can let the idea/image/thought seep in your mind to avoid mistakes 
and be prepared to troubleshoot. 

Cover the whole structure with white fondant,
and place the blue piece on top.

The thin pillar is solid fondant + gumpaste.
The thicker pillar on the otherside is hollow in the middle.

A look at the side of the thick pillar.

The two suspending pillars (also hollow)
at the side, attached to the building walls using royal icing.
All small details were added next.

Survived the journey to the party site.
"Happy Bithday Eileithyia"!